Monday, February 12, 2007


The word “Sustained Development” is considered evil by many Conservatives when associated with the Communist movements of the Soviet Union & Mao’s China. However Canada is a vast nation of resources, landmass, & one of the few countries with the claim of underpopulation. Considering the bitter hard cold fact that man is a huge contributor of global warming using fossil fuels instead of green based resources the colonization & development of northern Canada must be within a system of sustainable development. That means the protection of the surrounding environment must become a necessity with any colonization plan centralized in one location at a time.
When we talk about “sustained development” lets not get this confused with “sustainable economics.” Economically the regions must continue to be unchecked & unregulated in order to allow encourage growth locations to create employment opportunities, & higher Gross Domestic Products. However there is one fundamental problem with the creation of Sustainable Development, Taxes! Addressing this issue of over taxation is a major component of the debate, when addressing it cost effective methods must focus on current social programs, for example is Public Health Care really as effective as government leads us to believe? Is Daycare a good idea? Are there better solutions to develop Northern Canada within a controlled environment? Should government take the responsibility to reduce taxes in one area, raise it in others? Or perhaps should the economy of North America be unified? Never the less the issue of economics is debatable on what course of action is necessary.
Immigration is another issue that should be addressed in regards to the colonization plan of Northern Canada. The current immigration model may have to be modified to determine who gets in & who does not. For example should the immigration model focus on bringing the poor as the America once proclaimed? Or should the future model focus on the rich, & educated? Or perhaps a mixed model. The following diagram is an example:
Immigration Preference
  • Class One — English Speaking First World; French Speaking for Quebec
  • Class Two — Wealthy First World Countries (non English)
  • Class Three — other non warring nations

The preference example of preferred immigrants focuses on both English & French speaking democracies. Nations such as China & Iran are excluded from the mentioned list because of the lack of democracy & human rights.

Ultimately the one of the aims of sustained development is the creation of new smaller political units. Each new political unit should be created democratically giving the designated zone of development a voice by voting to form a new province or state in the case of an expanded United States, the system must be agreed upon by both the ratio of people in that zone & the provincial/state boundaries in accordance to the Constitution. However eligibility requirements must be made by both them federal level & the smaller political units such as total population, required land size, & wealth potential of the perceptive candidate. Here’s an example of planned population ratio’s:

  • State Capital — 300,000 people with room up to 500,000
  • Metropolitan — 400,000 people with room up to 750,000
  • 10 Townships — 10,000 to 15,000 people in each town
  • Other — under 1,000 each in pockets near resources

Moreover the Sustained Production of Northern Canada requires that interstate type highways & other transportation networks such as railroad cars become more a reality within system of a environmentally free society.