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Original Article: May 1, 2006
Edited for United North America: December 31, 2006
OK folks I admit I believe in the progression of society however the left have labelled me as regressive because I do not believe in their way as the Newspeak Dictionary of Liberalism concludes. And the reason why I am regressive; because I'm a border line so-con, which is an unfair assertion of Conservatives. So as a Conservative I support the progression of society by eliminating poverty, political reform, and I support the democratic union of nations, I look towards the stars to colonize new worlds, & I dream of the day when the world can come together in peace and evolve into a great civilization where thought can be logical with a greater understanding of the universe. However I don't view social programs, the excessive social change the Liberals want to enforce infringing on our liberties, & their version of a New World Order which democracy has no place.
But really is not a progressive someone who supports the progression of technology, and how society is run. After all it's only human nature to want change, or in many other scenerio's it can also mean protectorism. Look at Stephen Harper for example; the Liberals call him regressive because he does not support gay marriage, & the national daycare program. Harper believes in small government or at least I hope so, and hopefully as our society evolves beyond the hatred of the past; Canadians can begin the process of union with the United States & eventually the world of looking forward. But I guess only the Liberal progressive way is the only term that exists in today's Newspeak after all everything the Conservatives do is wrong and backward. From my understanding of regressive is that they look into the past and don't look forward.
So how is drug legalization progressive? That's something I can't get my heard around? After all substance abuse made against the law is a new concept, looking a mere couple of hundred years back smoking dope morons were allowed to smoke publicly, and anyone heard of the Opium Wars? Hello drug regulation and illegalization is a new concept, would not this be a regressive ideal? The same thing can be said about progressive religious values where the Bible's views are considered hate propaganda. And yet why is it that during the time of Christianity like no other civilized religion stability was introduced where man had a set of laws to follow. Before the ten commandments society was out of control, but as Liberals want to turn religion upside down; cities that value Liberalism are decaying into regressive area's showing traits of increasing violence with the resurgence of murder, rape, and robbery.
I guess that must be progress if you like big government, as history proves the ruling elites of the past such as the governing Kings, Emperors, and Dictators all had big governments. And as we are seeing today more big governments, tell me why are we regressing towards big government and not progressing to the American way of decentralization? It's far beyond me how Liberals think they are the progressives, but oh well I guess the left no capacity to realize just how backward they got it.

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Today, A Dictator Meets His Maker

Last night Saddam Hussein was executed for war crimes :
Hopefully the insurgency will begin to fade, & the healing can now begin. Millions cried out for justice beyond the grave so for those who died at the hands of this vicious dictator justice be done.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

My personal thanks to the Blogging Tories

OK folks we are now members of the Blogging Tories, for those who are pro Canada please do not take the statements literally on UNA for the intention of this movement is not about bashing Canada, the United States, & the crown but of a peaceful movement using democratic means of North American Unification. I like to send my personal thanks to Steve of Blogging Tories for allowing the alternative Conservative view of Republicanism as apposed to the American Tory, (monarchist), point of view rate here in Canada. And my thanks to Craig for the privilege of allowing me to supervise his Conservative Life Site, without that site I might not taken interest in Blogging Tories. Please take your time from the previous posts, & feel free to make your comments.
Thank You,

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The tree is up, the stores were busy, & our pockets shrink with the delight of that good ole home cooking reading for that delicious turkey, with good the sweet smells of ll those cakes, pies, & other treats. And of course I can't forget that days before Christmas it's the time of year to take a sneak at your Christmas gifts. Yes folks it that time of year, the time to view my nephew joying with glee of his gifts rapidly & roughly removing that wrapping.
However Christmas is not all that joyful, so long as Mother nature played Scrooge with the lack of snow. Yea I know most people are just as happy without a white Christmas, but I can't help but think of that simple flake that coat the trees & our lawns of white gold. Indeed Christmas this year is for the Easter Bunny. Aside from Scrooges untimely visit this year, lets not forget the true meaning of Christmas, it's not the gifts, nor is it the weather, it's the spirit of giving, our hopes for a better world, & of family values giving hope that no one has to be alone during the holidays. So please be generous and may God bless you this Christmas.

Friday, December 22, 2006

What UNA is & what it is not

Many folks who have visited Jonathan Wheeler’s “ United North America” often have mis conceptions of the idea of North American unification. Mr. Wheeler has tried to push the UNA agenda on both sides of the Canadian & American border through local media sources on the radio & even an interview on television. I have personnel communication via Microsoft Messenger, & admittedly I had some of my own mis conceptions on the idea of United North America. Let me explain some of the mis conceptions both Americans & Canadians do have which seem to be relevant to the subject:

• UNA Supports the annexation of Canada into the union of the United States of America
• UNA is a Conservative agenda absorbing Canada as part of the right wing conspiracy
• UNA is about getting Canada out of the Commonwealth & dumping the monarchy
• UNA supports the proposed North American Union
All are untrue however to explain our position clearly:

1) UNA Supports the annexation of Canada into the Union of the United States of America

the following statement is untrue, though the site of United North America sounds like annexation the ideals Mr. Wheeler relates to the idea of a merger of Canada & the United States. UNA does not support annexation, when we talk about the idea we would be advocating that Canadians have no say, however that is not the intent of the movement, what we advocate for is giving the deserved amount of say as the population ratio dictates. Currently; Canada has only 10% of the combined population which is rather unfortunate, however using democracy as the model of the future model of a United North America it’s clear that the agenda of the movement must not only advocate for giving the population more say how the new union should be shaped. Part of our agenda is to displace the elites of both Canada & the United States, though we don’t support preventing elitists from running, it’s clear that the future model of governance must reflect the common man. That means that any future government must not be run strictly by a doctor, a lawyer, or a General, but by a farmer, a laborer, & a Private.
2) UNA is a Conservative agenda absorbing Canada as part of the right wing conspiracy

while many Liberals may lay claim that Conservatives want Canada to bring American Conservative values to Canadians, this is often to be unfounded. In reality there are Liberals who support the idea on both sides of the border, though it’s true that the vast majority on the Canadian side of the border that support United North America are Conservative, however looking at the monarchy issue the majority of supporters of that institution tend to lean right. Though there are more Liberals closed to the idea of United North America, coincidently they are also among the most pro Republican supporters in Canada; go figure!

3) UNA is about getting Canada out of the Commonwealth & dumping the monarchy

though there is no love lost over the monarchy, the idea is about simple economics, cultural similarities, common history, geographic location, & better governance.
4) UNA supports the proposed North American Union

UNA does not support the undemocratic North America Union proposed by North American elites. UNA supporters for the most part view the plan as means by the elites to gain power without the concession of the people of North America. Secondly Mexico is a poor country with too much corruption, which is consequently; far less developed. Under the plan of the North American Free Trade Zone Agreement leaning to the North American Union both Canadians, & Americans would be forced to pay equalization to bring Mexico up to par economically. The Transfer payment scheme already exists in Canada, & UNA supporters know the effects all to clearly, it’s our desire to end disparity, not to continue it, therefore it’s our position to completely oppose equalization in any form. Self sufficient economies are the way to go.

We here at United North America want an alternative plan to the current border which makes Canadians & Americans divisible, we acknowledge that such a plan to unify the continent is extremely difficult. However the supporters of United North America view this opportunity as worth while fight in order to bring the eventual unification of the world under a democratic government not run by the global elitists, but by the common man, you & me. So it’s no coincidence that UNA should serve as the model for many years to come.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Patriot Pretender

Founder of the Council of Canadians, a few degrees to his name, an author, writer, and economist, Mel Hurtig spends his time bashing Conservative Canadians, & Americans. You would think that Mel Hurtig & the organization he started would spend more time improving Canada by fighting poverty, & advocating for government reform. However Mr. Hutag & his Council of Canadian thugs have had their evil eye on America for sometime blaming Canadian problems on Americans rather then looking into a mirror at ourselves. Mr. Hurtig's most recent report accused Stephen Harper of committing treason by working with President George W. Bush forcing Canadians into a contiental union with the United States & Mexico. However yet again Mr. Hurtig seems to waste his time claiming that President Bush wants to annex Canada despite the fact there are talks about securing both the Canadian & Mexican borders.

Looking through a time machine when Jean Chrietien & the Liberal Party heald power, was it not John Manley who was appointed by the current Prime Minister to work with the American government to bring Canada closer to the United States? Mr. Hurtig seems to ignore the fact that despite Mulroneys plan of NAFTA creating free trade, it was the Liberals who further intergrated Canada with the United States & Mexico. Looking further back to be fair with Mr. Bush the Democrats under Bill Clinton heald strong ties with Canada's Liberals, & both worked out the early process towards the so called North American Union idea.
Mr. Hurtig seems to be nothing but one of the Liberal Parties mouthpiece, it becomes obvious when he advocates using portions of the Canadian Constitution by claiming that Harper & the Conservatives should be removed from power via executive order of Queen Elizabeth /and/or Governor General Adrian Clarkson. (see article)
Pathetic! Mr. Hurtig has a deep hatred of Americans however if the issue was about forcing Canada into a union with a stronger monarch under the clutches of Great Britian, Mel Hurtig would waste no time selling out Canada's independence in a heart beat. Mr. Hurtig is no friend of Canada, nor is he a patriot, he's a backward loyalist from the Revolutionary era. Mr. Hurtig should issue an apology to all Americans & Canadian Conservatives, but I highly doubt it!

Friday, December 15, 2006

Welcome to the Movement

Welcome to the movment of United North America, to get this blog started the short article made by the founder of the movement, "Jonathan Wheeler," for the betterment of the United States & Canada. Articles in indirectly related with United North America such as the reformation of both the governments of the United States & Canada will also be posted.

Why A United North America?

"Ask not what your country can do for you - Ask what you can do for your country.Ask not what America will do for you, but what together we can do for the freedom of man."
- John F. Kennedy

North Americans in both Canada and the United States are free and prosperous people, proud of their national histories and achievements – so why should we attempt to change things? One could argue the essential question should not be why, but why not? Why not try to create history by enlarging the nation and generating greater wealth, progression and unity within this diverse continent?

At the same time, there are still a number of specific reasons why we should favor this ambitious idea of a United North America. The main arguments can be split up into these five categories: Economics, Defense, Politics, History and Culture.

The economic case for unity is perhaps the easiest and most obvious argument to make, at least in terms of the sheer practical benefits it would provide to the average North American. According to the Economics Department of the Bank of Montreal, "one of the critical benefits of greater economic integration for Canadians [with the US] is the prospect of higher living standards...”. By tearing down obstacles at the Canada-US border put in place by both governments, inevitably this will result in increased trade, which in turn benefits producers and consumers, employers and employees. The main benefactors of borders, by contrast, are those who either profit from lack of competition or those who collect duties, tariffs and other expenses – primarily the governments of Canada and the United States.

Just as decreased taxation can actually result in increased tax revenues for governments, elimination of trade restrictions would actually result in increased trade, economic stimulus, further increased government revenues and most importantly, increased prosperity for the average North American. Overall, the removing of myriads of redundant agencies and consolidating everything from budgets to currencies would eliminate waste and streamline the North American economic engine.
North American air, space and sea are already under the aegis of NORAD, a permanent agreement binding the security of Canada and the United States together domestically. Abroad, the two countries work together militarily through organizations such as NATO. Such arrangements have helped create an integrated, interoperable and cooperative North American security force within our continent and throughout the world. However, the overall defensive capability of North America is not enhanced, but rather diminished, by the fact that we continue to have two sets of military and government departments dedicated to our joint internal security. The burden of nearly doubling the administrative costs may have a debatable effect on the security of the continent.

Yet, it is clear that we are wasting personnel by spreading our border patrols across the vast 5,500 mile border that Canada and the US share. The potential loss of misusing forces is much more difficult to measure, but just as the 9/11 hijackers revealed, an act of terrorism can severely damage the integrity of the continent. Another incident could easily occur if we are not vigilant and wise in deploying our resources. Security and terrorist threats do not come to Canada from United States or vice-versa, but from overseas. Removing unnecessary land and sea patrols and rather directing them to protecting airports and harbors from outside threats would have the doubled effect of enhancing our security and strengthening the free flow of travel and trade between the regions of North America.
Democracy is only given meaning through the expressed ideas and visions of the people. A democracy of one person is no democracy at all, but a democracy of a million people is a powerful force. Undoubtedly, the United States holds the greatest political influence in the world largely because of its people power. The added voices of Canadians could only improve democracy by reinvigorating the republic with new thoughts and concepts.

From a canadian perspective, Canadians would gain a seat in the most powerful halls of government and finally have a voice in setting the course for the continent and the world. Economics and security are often discussed in relation to continental integration, and treaties turn these discussions into realities. Yet, too often the political influence of the US over Canada increases as a result of these agreements while Canadians remain helpless to similarly influence the US. The softwood lumber dispute and the mad cow crisis are perfect case examples of such a relationship.

Prosperity and security are almost meaningless if no vehicle exists to make internal changes by democratic initiative; for Canadians, this is increasingly the case. Globalization is not something that can be reversed, but the political gap can be overcome if Canadians make their voices heard by sending Canadian congressmen to Washington DC.
History and Culture
History and culture are often used as tools to segregate people, promote nationalism and encourage division. This has certainly been the case for the past 250 years of Canadian and USAmerican history. In reality, however, it is our shared history and culture that should unite the people of North America together. Unlike the nations of Europe who are divided among deep linguistic and religious lines that have formed over centuries of history, Canada and the United States are relatively new countries that share common languages, religions and people. Indeed, we are a pattern of cultures woven from a common thread.

The border that divides us today was not created out of any interminable or irresolvable issues. It was instead simply a line drawn by an imperial power that has long since left the shores of North America. While the political disputes of the 18th Century have long since disappeared, their legacy continues to live on in the form of the border. A United North America would finally heal the wound of the first civil war that divided the people of North America, and bring about a reunion of historical proportions.
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