Friday, April 27, 2007

'M' Class Planet Found

For those who know me from other boards & know my Sig. "Today the surface of the Earth has been mapped thanks to modern technology. But tomorrow God damn it's our duty as Cartographers to map new worlds;" well it appears that if man can survive the coming Global Warming that day of colonization my sooner be possible once man can travel beyond the speed of light. I may not be a working Cartographer but this recent discovery has gotten me very excited knowing that once scientists can confirm that GL-581-c is indeed habitable, the opportunities open up.

However what makes this discovery more exciting is the fact that we may have some sort of proof that human kind is not alone in this universe, indeed some sort of intelligent alien life has to exist out there so that eventually we can make contact. Folks here is one story I want to pay attention for further developments.

Long Time No Post

Hi folks agree with with this blog or not it's been a long time since I had last posted. More posts will be comming out soon including a general look at the four 'A' system - a simple look at the process for the sucess of political movements.