Monday, January 29, 2007

The Cycle of Poverty

  1. The Atlantican Economy was flourishing with resources such as the fishery, coal, & gypsum. A North-South Trade corridor existed between the Atlantic British Colonies & New England.
  2. Confederation is introduced on July 1, 1867. Nova Scotia loses self governance. Joseph Howe leads Canada’s first separatists to victory a few short years later. The Anti Confederation Party argued that Nova Scotia would be forced into dependency on the Ottawa government. The Anti Confederation part wins the provincial election, then seek to separate from Canada through British Parliament only to be denied
  3. As a result of Confederation the north-south trade corridor is shut down by the Canadian government in favour of the maritimes paying off Ontario’s debts, centralization of the economy, & a west-south trade route. Therefore Atlantica is shut out from their natural economic markets.
  4. The changing shipping industry from schooner to steal hits Atlantica hard as the industry has not been able to fully adapt to the changing times
  6. The Saint Lawrence Seaway opens up the Great Lakes region to shipping. Halifax the traditional port of entry with a natural deep harbour loses alot of business as a result
  7. As resources Begin to disappear, the Atlantican economy loses more capital, & fiscal mis-management didn’t help either. Transfer Payments are further increased.
  8. Atlantican economics cannot keep up with the rest of North America. Without economic willingness Atlanticans are faced with the prospect of a second world economy if not for the equalization programs. Newfoundland & Labrador are admitted into
    Confederation in 1949. Before Newfoundland joined as a province in 1949, the British dependent territory lost their status as a nation during the 1930’s in favour of having their debts payed off.
  9. Though the fishery is not completely dead, workers from that industry are forced to either retrained for other job opportunities or into the welfare system. A great migration loss to the United States & western Canada in sues.
  10. Newfoundland & Labrador, Cape Breton Island, part of Nova Scotia), are Canada’s most unemployed area’s. Massive outward migration has depleted the population totals of these two area’s, the highest taxes deterring industry, well paying jobs are forced out in favour of low paying civil service jobs & only part time

Atlantica must stop looking towards the rest of Canada for support, the equalization programs have kept the economy from developing as our dependency has run to the level of the expectation that this region can never succeed. However the very remedy for the economic mess Atlantica is in exists on our own back door, however nationalist pride has kept Atlantica from ever claiming wealth. Canadian economics don’t work for Atlantica. It’s time to latch the region on some sort of economic deal with the United States so that Atlantica can re-open our traditional markets with New England. As long as Ottawa continues their sovereignty debate, Atlantica will remain on the train of economic transfer payments, it's time for Atlanticans to stand Upto Ottawa ;claim back our economic sovereignty & get a new deal, because Confederation has been an economic disaster.

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