Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Fine Line -- Is The SHRC a Violator of Human Rights

Though I find myself not always agreeing with Bill Whatcott, a recent court order to pay $17,500 of payment by the Saskatchewan's Human Rights Commission over comments upsetting a gay rights group about pornography found in a library depicting a lesbian seduction of a underage girl & an advertisement in a gay magazine of a man searching for a teenage boyfriend. It seems the truth is punishable by fines, & imprisonment, therefore the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission has sent a loud & clear message that under no circumstances are heterosexuals allowed to criticize homosexuals even if children are being raped. So the assumption over the Human Rights Commissions decision to make Mr. Whatcott pay is that free speech can no longer be tolerated in a socially liberal society.

A Mr. Schouten sent a letter to Mr. Rafose defending Mr. Whatcott's position that the Canadian youth need to be protected by pedophile; here are some exerts from the letter:
“If a man from Saskatchewan is not free to inform other people of what he found in a gay magazine , then with respect, sir, Saskatchewan is no longer a free society”

Besides when gay activists express not only moral disapproval but clear & manifest hatred for Christians in this country, then we never hear a peep from the “Human Rights Commission.” This glaring inconsistency show that the whole discussion isn’t really about human rights but the imposition of one world view upon another.”

Mr. Rafoss wrote a reply back to Mr. Schouten, now read carefully as I post the entire letter:
“With respect I can not agree with what you say. Saskatchewan is a respectful place to live, where a diversity of people of people can live without fear of attack & harm from those who disagree with that diversity. There’s a balance to be sought between freedom of speech & the promotion of hatred & we are endeavoring to find the correct balance. Thank-you for your expression of your

So in other words the balance of freedom of speech is a fine line that Liberals can define. However Mr. Whatcott did not cross the line as the Human Rights Commission determined, in reality by supporting homosexuals upset over Mr. Whatcott’s comments over the sodomitization of underage children is an outright violation of civil rights against the young & innocent of this nation. Therefore the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission should be put before a tribunal & charged for hate crimes against religious peoples which is protected under the Constitution & their outright hatred of children. However this won’t happen, now I understand why criminals get to vote, because they always vote Liberal with the knowledge that they have more rights then their victims.

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MFarling said...

What is the benefit of the Human Rights Commission, anyway? there should already be laws outlawing crimes that hurt people. Why do we need special protections for special groups. We don't. Liberal do-gooders are pushing their religious beliefs on the lot of us. It is disgusting!